Thursday, May 2, 2013

Whole Wheat Sweet n Spicy Dosa !

Whole Wheat Sweet  n Spicy  Dosa ! 
  • Whole wheat -1 cup
  • Grated coconut- 3/4 th cup 
  • Green chillies -3 or according to the taste 
  • Ginger -1/2 inch piece 
  • Jaggery marble size ...2 can increase if want more sweeter 
  • salt to taste 

Just Wash whole wheat ( no need to soak ) n directly grind it along with chillies, grated coconut, ginger n jaggery to a semi coarse  batter  .. remove the batter n add salt .

Heat dosa pan ,smear oil n pour ladle full batter , close the lid n roast on both the sides ! 

serve hot with butter /ghee 

Note : no need to ferment the batter n make sure to  grind in a wet grinder 


  1. Thanku so much :) this is my amma in laws signature dish ... got to know about it after my marriage
    ..till then was not knowing it at all as amma nor granny had not cooked it !

  2. Hi how long wheat is reqd to be soaked