Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Egg less Walnut Banana Pressure Cooker Cake

Egg less Walnut Banana Pressure Cooker Cake 

  • Plain flour / Maida ..150 gm
  • Ripened Bananas.. 2 ( I used paccha bale ) 
  • Condensed milk ..200 gm
  • Baking powder.. 1 level tsp
  • Soda bi carbonate.. 1/2 level tsp
  • Melted fat ... ( oil / ghee / white butter)..  6 tbsp ( I used ghee ) 
  • Vanilla essence..  1 level tsp
  • Walnut pieces ..1/2 cup 
  • Water as per requirement
  • Butter paper 


 Sieve the powdered ingredients.

Dust the walnut pieces with maida 

Mash the banana's well 

 In a bowl mix the fat ,condensed milk and essence together. Then add the sieved dry ingredients little by little and mix well.

 Add water to adjust the batter to falling consistency. .. neither too thick nor too watery.

Add mashed ripened bananas and maida dusted walnut pieces.

Grease the baking tin ... put butter paper below.

Pour the mixture in the tin .

Place the tin on a stand inside the pressure cooker and cover the lid without whistle and rubber

keep on low flame for about 45 mins

Check the cake after 30 mins till its done by pricking knife in its centre

 Unmould after it cools down n slice them to desired shape