Sunday, July 5, 2015

Whole black Urid with skin Rottis

Whole black Urid with skin Rottis 

  • Whole Black Urid with Skin- 1 kg 
  • Raw Rice- 1 glass 

Mix whole black urid with skin n raw rice n grind it to a fine flour in a flour grinding mill . 

Store in an air tight container . 

In a bowl take 2 cups  of this ground flour , add salt n then enough water to prepare a dough like that of chapthai ..keep aside for about 10 mts . 

Make equal lemon sized balls of the above dough 

Dust a wooden platform with little urid flour , dip the dough balls in little urid dhal flour n roll out chapthis . 

Heat a tawa , drizzle little oil n place the rolled urid flour chapathi n roast on both sides .

Serve hot with any spicy side dish . 

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