Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mushroom Phanna Upkari /Mushrooms cooked in spicy Ground Masala

Mushroom Phanna Upkari /Mushrooms cooked in spicy Ground Masala 
  • Mushrooms - 1 pack 
  • Kashmiri /Byadagi long chillies- 4
  • Round red chillies-2
  • Tamarind pulp - 2 tsp  
  • Salt to taste 


  • Coconut oil- 1 tblsp 
  • Onions - 2 medium or 1 huge chopped 

Wash Musrooms n chop them 

In a pan add a tsp of oil n roast both chillies , cool and grind it to a very fine paste. 

In a kadai add oil , add the chopped onion n fry till Reddish brown . Add the ground paste n fry for a while, then add little water, tamarind pulp n chopped mushrooms along with salt n cook till done . 

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