Saturday, February 24, 2018

Kultha /Horse gram Ramdonu Steamed in Plantain leaf with Hing Chutney n Coconut Oil

Kultha /Horse gram Ramdonu Steamed in Plantain leaf with Hing Chutney Coconut Oil ..  
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    • Urid Dhal-1 cup 
    • Idly Rawa/Rice Semolina -2 Cup's 
    • Kulithu /Horse Gram -1 cup 
    • Salt to taste 
    • Banana Leaf -2 ( cut into square pieces 

  • Method  
    Soak urid dhal for 3 hours n then grind it to a fine paste .. remove the ground batter ,add the idly rawa , salt n ferment overnight . mix the batter with hands Wash n soak kulith/Horsegram overnight n 
    next day morning grind it to a paste n add it to the above fermented batter n mix well .  if time constraint to grind it then grind the previous night and make sure to refrigerate it as horsegram ground batter should not ferment . 
     Place the cut banana leaves in a deep plate n pour the batter till 3/4 th n steam for 20 mts . 
    Hing Chutney 
    • Hing-  Pea size  
    • Dry Red chillies- 3
    • Tamarind -tamarind seed size 
    • Grated coconut-1 cup
    •  oil ..1 tsp  
    • salt to taste
    • Oil-1 tsp
    • Mustard seeds-1/2 tsp
    •  Curry leaves -1 sprig  
     In 1 tsp  oil fry red chillies n hing .cool it n grind along with grated coconut n tamarind to a semi coarse paste n then season it. 
    Serve kultha Ramdonu drizzled with coconut oil n hing chutney . 

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