Friday, October 7, 2016

Mandakki /Puffed Rice Dosa ...Version 2

Mandakki /Puffed Rice Dosa .. Version 2 

  • Dosa Rice ..1 cup
  •  Mandakki /Puffed Rice ..2 cups .
  • Small onion ( Sambar Onion ) ... 4 or half slice of onion . 
  • Salt to taste 

 Soak Dosa rice for about 3 to 4 hours ...

Wash the puffed rice ..

Peel the sambar onion n grind altogether to a fine paste ..Add salt n ferment overnight .

 Heat a dosa tawa, smear oil n then spread a laddlefull batter ( Dont spread too much ) n cook on only one side ..adding oil at the edges. 

Serve with a blob of butter n spicy chutney 

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