Saturday, February 9, 2013

Boondhi Ladoos !

Boondhi Laddu 
Bengal gram flour-1 cup(heaped),
Rice flour-1tsp,
kesar colour-a pinch,
cooking soda- a pinch,
Ghee+ dalda for deep frying,
sugar -1 ½ cups,
water -1/2 cup,
saffron- a little,
broken cashewnuts-1 tbsp,
Kissmis-1 tbsps,
ghee -1tbsp,
Kesar colour – a pinch for sugar syrup.
Cardamom powder- a little.

Mix gram flour, rice flour, colour , soda together.
 Add just enough water to make it in to paste ( bajji dough consistency)
 Heat oil made boondhi (Use boondhi ladle).
 When boondhi half fried take out from oil and put in hot sugar syrup
For sugar syrup 

 Mix sugar and water, boil till half string consistency.
 Remove from fire and mix kesar colour, saffron,cardmom powder, fried cloves, cashewnuts,kissmis and fried boondhis

 Keep aside till it becomes luke warm.
Make into medium sized balls when the mixture is still warm

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