Thursday, August 11, 2016

Nagarpanchami Spread ... Cheppi Kheeri. Patholi, Mooga Pathrado, Rulava Khotto .

Nagarpanchami Spread ... Cheppi Kheeri. Patholi, Mooga Pathrado, Rulava Khotto .

Cheppi Kheeri ( Unsweetened kheer using turmeric leaves ) 

  • Raw Rice...1 cup
  • Water ..3 cups 
  • Thick Coconut milk..1 cup
  • Turmeric leaves ... 4 to 5 

Wash n soak raw rice for about 1 hour n cook till the rice is soft or u can cook directly without soaking . Add washed torn turmeric leaves n cook for about 10 mts ,Then  add the coconut milk n boil for just a minute . 

Patholi- Steamed Sweet Dumplings in Turmeric Leaves .  
  • Turmeric Leaves- 15 to 20 

To grind the outer covering 

Raw  rice - 1 cup 
Grated coconut- 1/4 th cup 

  • Finely  grated fresh coconut  - 3/4 cup 
  • Grated Jaggery-1/2 cup 
  • Cardamom powder -1/2 tsp

Wash the Turmeric leaves , pat it dry n remove the tips of the leaves . 

Soak Raw rice in water for about 1 hour .

Grind soaked raw rice along with coconut to a very smooth batter adding very little water . 

In a kadai ,melt the grated jaggery, then add the grated coconut .Switch off , add  cardamom powder n mix everything well . 

Take a Turmeric leaf , spread a spoonfull of thin layer of the ground paste , then place a tsp of the filling length wise n fold it . Follow the same procedure for rest of the leaves .

Assemble them in a steamer n steam for about 15 to 20 mts. 

Mooga Pathrado ( Whole Green Gram Pathrado )
  • Pathrade paan /colacacia leaves - 20 /25 
  • Whole Green Gram - 2 cups
  • Grated fresh coconut- 1 cup
  • Hing/Asafoetida- 2 pinch
  • Tamarind- Marble size
  • Roasted dry red chillies- 10 to 14
  • Salt per taste 

Soak whole Green Gram Overnight  .  

Grind grated coconut, roasted dry red chillies,hing n tamarind to a fine paste ... then add soaked whole Green Gram  n grind to a medium paste ( neither coarse nor fine ) without adding water . Can sprinkle water if required ! take the batter and add salt ! 

Remove fibre from the leaves n wash thoroughly .

Place a huge leaf on the wooden board with back surface up and stalk end towards you . Smear ground masala all over ,place smaller leaf over it and repeat the procedure for 4 to 5 leaves ,and fold and roll them ,smear the fold with paste ,The shape of a cylinder .. n steam it for 20 mts . 

cool n cut into slices of desired thickness .

 Rulava Khotto ( upma Rawa /Semolina khotto  )  
  • Jack fruit leaves weaved baskets- 10 to 12 
  • Urid dhal- 1 Cup 
  •  Upma rawa/Semolina-1 -3/4 th cup 
  • Salt to taste
Soak Urid dhal for 3 hrs n grind to a fine paste ..remove it n add salt .. ferment overnight 

Next day morning tie upma rawa in a piece of cloth n steam it for 1 vapour .. allow it to cool 

once cooled add this to the fermented ground batter  n mix with hands , so that no lumps is formed  .n set aside for 15 mts n add water for right consistency as  semolina swells n the batter becomes thick . 

 add the batter into the weaved jackfruit baskets till 3/4 th .   Steam it for 15 to 20 minutes .

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