Monday, December 9, 2019

Ukde Peja . Left over Pathrade Tawa Roast n Pathrade Talasani

Ukde Peja . Left over Pathrade Tawa Roast n Pathrade Talasani 

 Left over Pathrade Tawa Roast

  • Left Over Pathrdo slices 5 
  • Rice Flour -1 tblsp 
  • Oil as needed to shallow fry 

 Roll the left over pathrade slices  over rice flour . 

Heat a tawa , add in little oil , n place the rice flour  rolled pathrade slices  n shallow fry till crisp on bo
th sides .

Pathrade Talasani  
  • Left Over Pathrado  chopped ..2 cup's 
  • Salt to taste 

  •  Oil..2 tsp
  • Crushed Garlic Flakes -7 to 10 
  • Dry red chilly .. 2 , torn

In a kadai add oil n add crushed garlic flakes , rost till brownish , add torn dry red chilly n stir for a few seconds n now add  the chopped left over pathroda n salt ..stir well n warm for few minutes ..

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