Sunday, October 14, 2018

Surayi /White Rice Peja with Ghee , Terrace Grown Vaali Upkari/Talasani N Ambuli Kothla Puddi Nonche

Surayi /White Rice Peja with Ghee , Terrace Grown Vaali Upkari/Talasani N Ambuli Kothla  Puddi Nonche

 Terrace Grown Vaali Upkari/Talasani - Indian Spinach Stir fry

  • Indian Spinach /Vaali - 1 bunch . leaves more n few tender stem
  • Oil- 2tsp heaped
  • Garlic flakes - 10 to 12 , slightly crush them
  • Dry Red Chilly - 3 ,broken
  • Salt to taste


Wash the vaali leaves n tender stem. chop them .

In a kadai add oil n  add crushed garlic flakes n stir till reddish brown , add torn dry red chilly n stir again .  add the chopped vaali leaves n tender stem ,very  little water ,salt n cook till done . 

Ambuli Kothla  Puddi Nonche /Shredded Raw Mango Powdered Masala  Pickle
  •  Ambuli/ Raw Mangoes.. 3 hard n fully matured as the inside pith should be hard n fully grown 
To Dry Roast n Powder 
  •  Dry Red chilly ...1 huge fist  
  •  Mustard seeds - 3/4 th  cup 
  • Rock salt...1 Cup heaped   
  • Fenugreek seeds/Methi seeds ..1/4 th tsp 
  • Asafoetida /Hing ... 2 chickpea size ( i use solid hing )
Just wipe the raw mangoes with clean dry cotton cloth . 

Shred the raw mangoes along with skin ( i do it in adoli ) can do even with knife n we call it kochoche in amchi ... 

Dry roast Rock salt on sim flame for few seconds n powder it ,no need for fine powder .

Dry roast dry red chillies, remove it ..

Dry roast mustard seeds along with solid hing ,remove it ...

 Dry roast Fenugreek seeds ...remove it ...

 Cool all the above dry roasted ingredients ... 

Now first powder the dry roasted chilly to a very fine powder ... remove it ... then powder the roasted mustard seeds, roasted hing n roasted methi seeds to a fine powder ... 

cool the powdered ingredients well . 

In a dry clean porcelain jar or glass jar add the shredded raw mango , roasted powdered salt n the above powder n mix well . The Pickle taste perfect tangy n spicy after 2 or 3 days ... 

Note : Dont touch water while preparing this pickle ... Sun dry spoon , mixie jar n also the porcelain or glass  container in which the pickle will be stored .. This Pickle has a long shelf life that it can be stored for an year ,if taken care while preparing in a proper method . 

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