Friday, November 25, 2016

Instant Rice Rawa Drumstick Leaves Sanna Muddo

Instant Rice Rawa Drumstick Leaves Sanna Muddo

  • Rice Rawa ...1 cup
  •  Drumstick leaves ... 2 cup's ( washed )
  • Grated coconut ..2 cup's
  • Roasted dry red chilly...6
  • Tamarind Tamarind seed size
  • Salt to taste

Wash the rice rawa n soak it in enough water for about 1/2 an hour .. after an hour drain it ... 

Grind the grated  coconut, roasted dry  red chillies,  tamarind to a  fine paste with little water.

Add this ground paste in a bowl, salt , washed drumstick leaves , soaked drained rice rawa n mix well . The consistency should be thick like idly batter ... keep aside for 10 mts .

Boil water in a steamer n Grease a round vessel  , pour the batter in it 3/4 th the  level  n steam for 15 to 20 mts . 

 Cut them to desired shape n eat with oil on top ...

You can also use even Idli moulds to steam these .

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